Country Pub, Restaurant & Rooms.
Salford, Milton Keynes.

Welcome to the Red Lion Hotel. Your little place in the country, a small and friendly traditional country pub and inn, casual dining bar and restaurant with 5 affordable bed and breakfast rooms.

Set in the charming village of Salford on the outskirts of Milton Keynes and with easy access to the M1 motorway and the city, that makes The Red Lion the ideal place for you to be when driving to visit Milton Keynes, Cranfield or Woburn or just as a stopover on your journey.

For room and restaurant reservations just phone on 01908 583117.

We have an extensive menu to suit all tastes and budgets. Serving a selection of traditional and classic dishes, great steaks, seafood, curries, Mexican and Mediterranean dishes with a range of snack meals.

Lunch and Sunday set price menu available along with special discount days.

PLEASE NOTE: A new road has been built in the direction of Junction 14. It's a nightmare, speed bumps, schools slowing traffic to 20 mph. we recommend use Juntion 13.
PLEASE NOTE: A new roundabout has been built on the Bedford side at J13. Salford is now off of the roundabout and not from the crossroads. Dont rely on your TomTom.

Book your room now by phone on 01908 583117 or on line.

Restaurant Reservations

Just phone on 01908 583117.

Room Bookings

Book your room now by phone on 01908 583117.
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