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O U R . M E N U

Please note that while we do our best to maintain this page, it may differ from the actual menu on offer.

The menu is available from 12 noon until 2 p.m. and each evening from 6.00 p.m. until 9 p.m.

All items are subject to availability. Weights shown are approximate before cooking.
Allergies: Nuts, prawns, molluscs, seeds, milk, eggs and other allergens are on our menu and are used in some of our dishes and traces may be present in your food. Whilst we are diligent in our food preparation we cannot guarantee that your meal doesn’t contain your specific allergen and we ask you to assess your own degree of intolerance to these foods.

We accept cards with PIN or a guarantee card. 50p surcharge on bills under £10.

Prices are inclusive of V.A.T. at a cripling rate of 20%
We do not add any service charges, tips are left to your discretion.


Up to the 29th of September we will be serving a reduced menu and as from Oct 2nd the Red Lion will be in the hands of a new company.


All burgers are served on a sesame seed bun with French fries or salad and pickle.

Beefburger £7. 100% beef 'Quarter Pounder'
Half Pounder £8. Double burger.
The Red Rooster £9. A grilled chicken breast fillet.

Add a topping from the following;
Cheeseburger, With Cheddar or Stilton Add 50p.
Sloppy Joe, Topped with chilli con carne Add £1.
Black’nd, Blackened in Cajun spices. Add 50p.
Black ‘n Blue, Blackened with blue cheese. Add £1.


Three egg omelette £9. Served with French fries, Wedges, new potatoes or side salad.
Cheese Omelette. With a choice of Cheddar or Stilton.
Cheese and Broccoli Omelette. With a choice of Cheddar or Stilton.
Mushroom Omelette.
Ham Omelette.


Any of our main courses can be served as a salad by choosing the salad option or just add a side salad as an extra to your meal.
Large Salads £8.50 Served with mixed leaves, coleslaw, tomato, cucumber, peppers and onion.
With a choice of: Cheddar Cheese or Stilton Cheese or Tuna and Apple or Ham and Pineapple.


Sandwiches £5. Made to order with Farmhouse white or Brown bread, garnished with salad and coleslaw.
•   Cheddar Cheese •   Ham •   Ham and Cheese •   Tuna and mayo

Sides & Extras

£2.50 each or add to your appetiser to make a snack or light meal.

•   Side Salad•   Coleslaw •   Sweet Corn•   Onion Rings•   Mushrooms•   Broccoli•   Jacket Wedges•   French Fries•   Garlic Bread (with cheese 50p extra) French bread £1.


Soup of the day £4.50 Served with French bread.
Breaded Mushrooms £5. With a choice of dip.
Stuffed Jalapenos £5. Chilli peppers with cream cheese.
Boston Salad £6.50 Leaf salad with semi dried cranberries, blue cheese, pecan nuts, pine nuts and raspberry dressing.
Prawn cocktail salad £6.50 Leaf salad cocktail served with 1000 Island or seahorse dressing.
Salmon Fishcake £5. With a choice of dip.
Torpedo Prawns £6.50 Japanese style king prawns in breadcrumbs with a choice of dip.
Garlic King Prawns £6.50 Pan fried, in garlic butter.
Chilli King Prawns Mexican £6.50
Duck and Chicken liver country Pate £5.
Wings of Fire £6. Spicy wings with a blue cheese dip.

Dressings and Dips

We have a selection of dressings and dips for you to choose from for your starters and side salads:
Blue cheese . Garlic mayonnaise . Sweet Chilli dip . BBQ sauce . Caesar dressing . French dressing

M A I N . M E A L S

S E A F O O D & F I S H

With French fries, jacket wedges, new potatoes, side salad, rice or garlic bread.

Whole Tail Scampi £10.
Beer Battered Haddock £8.50.
Salmon Fish Cake £10. Two wild pink and Keta salmon fishcakes.
King Prawns £13. Served shell off as one off the following;
Garlic King Prawns. Sautéed in garlic butter, shell on.
King Prawn Provençal. In a Mediterranean sauce of tomatoes, onion, garlic and herbs.
King Prawn Mexican. In a sauce of jalapeno chillies, tomato, red pepper and onion.
King Prawn Curry. Medium strength Indian curry with rice and naan bread.

C H I C K E N . H U T

With French fries, jacket wedges, new potatoes, side salad or rice.

Wings of Fire £12.50 A heap of spicy wings with a blue cheese dip.
Chicken Curry. £12.50 Medium strength with rice and naan bread.
Chicken Dishes £12.50 Grilled breast fillet served as one of the following:
•   Chicken Hawaii Topped with ham, pineapple and cheese.
•   Chicken Louisiana Blackened in Cajun spices.
•   Chicken Mexican Salsa of tomatoes, red peppers and chillies.
•   Chicken in Stilton With a creamy blue cheese sauce.
•   Chicken Au Poivre Creamy devilled sauce with soft peppercorns.
•   Garlick Chicken. Topped with Garlic butter.


The following vegetarian dishes are served with French fries, jacket wedges, new potatoes, side salad or rice.

Vegetable Chilli. £9. Mixed vegetable and beans in a spicy chilli sauce.
Peppered Mushrooms. £9. Sauteed and served in a soft green peppercorn cream sauce.

R E D . R A N C H . S T E A K . H O U S E

With French fries, jacket wedges, new potatoes, side salad or rice.

Mixed Grill with Lamb chop, gammon, rump steak, sausage, grilled tomato, mushrooms and egg. £12.
Lamb Braised on the bone in gravy. £13.
Chilli con Carne £10.50
Beef and Beer Pie £10.50
Gammon Steak £10.50 With a choice of fried egg or pineapple.


Rump Steak £13. 8oz (225 gr.)
The Lions Share Rump £18. 16oz (450 gr.)
Rib Eye Steak £16. 10oz (280gr.)
Fillet Steak £18. 8oz (225gr.)
Add a sauce to your steak for just £2.50 from the following:
•   Surf and Turf With three torpedo prawns and a choice of dip.
•   Stilton With a creamy blue cheese sauce.
•   Provençal In a sauce of tomatoes, onion, garlic and herbs.
•   Au Poivre A creamy devilled sauce with soft peppercorns.
•   Mexican A spicy salsa of tomatoes, red peppers and chillies.
•   Topped with Garlic butter.


Ice Creams

Vanilla Ice Cream £4.50 With a choice of strawberry, maple or chocolate sauce.
Lemon Sorbet £5.
Lemon Sorbet with Vodka £6
Blackcurrant Sorbet £5.
Blackcurrant Sorbet with Cassis £6.
Paradice Cream £5.50 Ice cream served with your favourite liqueur. We can recommend:
Cointreau . Tia Maria . Baileys . Malibu . Grand Marnier . Cherry Brandy . Rum ...or your own choice.
Banana Split £5
Pineapple Split £5


Chocolate Heaven £5. A chocolate gateau served with whipped cream or ice cream.
Deep Dish Apple Pie £5. Served hot or cold with whipped cream, ice cream or custard.
Spotted Dick and Custard £5.
Sticky Toffee Pudding and Custard £5.


Cheese and Biscuits £5


Espresso £2. Small, strong black coffee.
Large Espresso £2.50 Large strong black coffee.
Americano £2.30 Regular black coffee.
Latte £2.30 White coffee.
Cappuccino £2.30 Frothy coffee made with milk.
Glass with Cream £2.50 With a topping of whipped cream.
Mocha £2.50 Glass of coffee and chocolate with whipped cream.
Hot chocolate £2.50 With a topping of whipped cream.
Pot of Tea for one, a selection is available, £2.50

Liqueur Coffees

Liqueur Coffee £5. A glass of coffee with the liqueur of your choice topped with whipped cream. We can recommend:
Brandy . Grand Marnier . Tia Maria . Irish Whiskey . Cointreau . Drambuie ...or choose your own favourite.

Port & Brandy

A selection of liqueurs, vintage and aged port and brandy are available for you to complete your meal.

Red Lion World of Wine

Reservations Tel: 01908 583117.


Dine well!
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