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Keep up to date with the news and events from the Red Lion.

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Red Ranch Steak House.

Steak menu at the Red Lion.
Red ranch Mixed Grill, 12.
Now on our menu as a permenant fixture due to demand.

Daily Set Price Menu Offer

Meal Deal 1. As well as our regular main menu we have a daily set price menu. 10 for 2 courses, 13 for 3 courses.

Sunday Fixed Price Menu Offer

Meal Deal 2. As well as our regular main menu we choose some of the items to run as our Sunday Fixed Price menu, helping you to budget for and save on your Sunday family gathering. 13 for 2 courses, 15 for 3 courses. We take bookings for lunchtime tables between 12 noon and 2pm and we open again at 6pm till 9pm for the evening session, booking recommended. (01908 583117)

Latest News.

Dry hop lager and London Stout, both getting very popular, both now on draught.

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