How to find us - Map & Directions

...Courtesy of Google Maps.


The Red Lion Hotel is situated in the quiet and pretty village of Salford, to the South East of Milton Keynes, halfway between junctions 13 and 14 of the M1, approximately midway between Cranfield, Woburn Sands & Wavendon villages.

PLEASE NOTE: A new roundabout has been built on the Bedford side at J13. Salford is now off of the roundabout and not from the crossroads. Dont rely on your TomTom.

PLEASE NOTE: A new road has been built in the direction of Junction 14. It's a nightmare, speed bumps, schools slowing traffic to 20 mph. we recommend use Juntion 13.

PLEASE NOTE: The road past the golf club is closed and you will need to take the turning at the level crossing in Woburn Sands.



You may use the "Map" button to change map types as well as the "Zoom" controls on the map to help navigate your way around the area.

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