O The Red Lion Hotel, Salford, Buckinghamshire

Special Offers & Vouchers.

Please note that where two offers apply for the same item we can only give one offer per item.

Red Ranch Steak House Menu.

Red Ranch Mixed Grill, 13. Now on our menu as a permenant fixture due to demand.

World of Wine.

Wine of the month,
NEW. Smart Dog Portugese Syrah. 18
Chateau bottled Beaujolais. 22.
Wine down Wednesday. Get the bottle for the price of two large glasses from our wine by the glass list.
Wine Deal. 3 off when you buy a bottle to take away.

Daily Set Price Menu Offer

Meal Deal 1. As well as our regular main menu we have a daily set price menu. 10 for 2 courses, 13 for 3 courses.

Sunday Fixed Price Menu Offer

Meal Deal 2. As well as our regular main menu we choose some of the items to run as our Sunday Fixed Price menu, helping you to budget for and save on your Sunday family gathering. 13 for 2 courses, 15 for 3 courses. We take bookings for lunchtime tables between 12 noon and 1.30pm and we open again at 6pm till 9pm for the evening session, booking recommended. (01908 583117)

Burger Deal

Voucher Deal 1. Print this page to get 1 off any burger meal Monday to Thursday Lunch.

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Get up to the minute deals and news about daily specials on @redlionsalford

New Loyalty Card

Pick up our loyalty card, our food card gets you 10 when full, and keep a lookout for bonus stamps and other rewards.

B&B Offer

We are always prepared to consider a discount for long stays. If you need a temporary base for stays of seven days or more, please phone on 01908 583117 or  contact us  to see how we can help.

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